Quickbase | Change is inevitable. Missed deadlines don’t have to be.

Change is inevitable. Missed deadlines don’t have to be.

Quickly and predictably respond to changes in the supply chain with low-code application development.

Reacting to change quickly means the right product is made, on time.

Automotive and equipment manufacturers across all parts of the supply chain are responding to the fast and fierce impact of global disruption.

While expecting change within a supply chain isn’t new to any organization, the cost and risk of reacting slowly to change has risen dramatically.

Auto manufacturers on plant floor

Key pressures manufacturers are responding to include:

Shifting customer demands of existing products
New technology, like electrification, smart vehicles, ride sharing, connectivity driving new product development
Sourcing limitations or changes creating component constraints
Manufacturing work pattern change

Areas with highest risk that demand agility, and how low-code application development can help

Two men in hard hats on manufacturing floor

Join arms with your business-driven IT teams

IT partners, also responding to pivotal disruption, are creatively looking to bring new ways of working to the organization.

Responsible for unleashing the innovation of all business partners and enabling organization-wide transformation, take the step towards business operational agility and digital transformation together.

Citizen development & low-code is key to transformation & business success

Using the principles of citizen development, IT or IS teams are empowering employees outside of IT to build business applications closely tied to their daily work to increase productivity, efficiency overall digital transformation of the company’s culture.

At the heart of citizen development is no-code or low-code technology, platforms for business users to create drag-and-drop applications without formal software development or coding training to turn employee ideas into low cost, high impact digital solutions.

Citizen developers using low code