Quickbase's 4th Annual Report

The Empowered Workforce

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    It’s more important than ever for organizations to empower their employees with the right tools to work as efficiently as possible. Our new report shows today’s employees want more of a say in choosing this technology - and smart leaders are investing in “DIY problem solvers” to make these decisions.

    Find out how this new type of employee is delivering real results in our fourth annual report.

    Inside, you’ll learn more about the unique needs of DIY problem solvers, and why organizations are investing in tools that give them the power to build highly-customized solutions with the skills they already have.

    • 8 in 10 of today’s workers consider it very important to have the ability to choose their technologies at work
    • Nearly 9 out of 10 people indicate that no-code apps are essential to business success
    • Almost half of no-code app builders are women, and more than 4 out of 10 are Millennials under age 38

    Read this exclusive report now to further explore why smart companies support no-code application building, and how empowered employees drive results for everyone: individual contributors, IT, and the business itself.

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