Set Calendar Defaults

Whenever a user designs a Calendar report, some settings are already in place, even before the Report Builder opens. If you're an app administrator who likes Calendar reports set a certain way, you can customize the default settings that appear automatically when a user creates a new calendar report. It's a way to give users a head start and lead them in the right direction.

FAQ - Why should I bother to set up a Calendar Default?

As you just read, it saves your users some time, but there's another feature that creation of a calendar default offers users. If you have a default calendar in place, you and your users can instantly convert any regular table report into a calendar. When a calendar default exists for a table, a table report's More menu features the option to view that report as a calendar.

To set calendar defaults:
  1. Choose a table from the Table bar, click SETTINGS on the Page bar, then click Reports & charts.

  2. Choose Reporting defaults > Default calendar settings from the menu on the Page bar.

  3. Tell QuickBase what to show on the Calendar.

    Use controls in the Calendar Entries section to design the events that appear on your calendar. You can:

  4. Set display options.

    Some additional options set the display and behavior of event records. You can:

  5. Click Save on the Page bar.

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