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Sometimes you want different people to have a different view of a table. You might want users in one role to see a specific report (maybe a summary report or a report showing the high priority records), while the rest of your users get a listing of all records in the table. Or you might simply want to always show an advanced search form so that people can search for the exact records they want. If you have admin access to the table, you can do this.

To set what is shown on the table Home page:
  1. Open the table Home page settings. You can do this in one of the following ways:

  2. Select one of the following options:


To configure the default report settings:

If you choose to display the default report on the table Home page, the columns shown will be based on the default report settings for the specified table. Use one of the methods below to display the default report settings page:

The default report settings include: the default columns, the order of default columns, settings for the dynamic filters that can appear to the left of a report, and the field that the default report is sorted on. Read more.


Which field types appear in the list of dynamic filters?

If the table Home page has been configured to show a report or the default report, and dynamic filters are turned on for that report, then the list of dynamic filters is displayed on the left side of the table Home page.

Note: If a report shown on the table Home page has no records, the filters are not shown. Read more.

The table below shows the field types that can be dynamic filters. Field types not mentioned in this table (including Formula fields) cannot be dynamic filters.

Field Type


Reference Field

Reference Proxy or Lookup Field

CheckboxY Y
Text - Multiple-choiceY Y
Work DateYYY

*Note: Address fields and all of their subfields are text fields and as such can be used as dynamic filters.

Why aren't my dynamic filters displaying?

The most common reason for filters being disabled has to do with the number of values for a field, and the length of those field values.

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