Move Tables between Applications

If you're managing many QuickBase applications, you may eventually want to consolidate or reorganize tables between applications. If you've come to this pass, QuickBase can help you move tables between applications.

Note: To move a table, you must be the manager of the table you want to move and also the manager of the application that you move the table to.

You can take an existing table from any application and move it into another application. When you move a table into an application, it no longer belongs to the original application. This means that the table doesn't appear on the source application's Table bar, and any relationships with other tables in that application are broken. The moved table becomes a table in the destination application.

When you move a table into a new application, QuickBase breaks the table's old relationships. This makes it extremely difficult to return the table to its original application. Depending on your requirements, you may consider copying a table and moving the copy instead, if you want to retain the relationships in a table. Once the table is part of your new application, you're free to create relationships with existing tables.

To copy a table:
  1. Copy the original application with its data or without its data.

  2. Move the table out of the copy and into the destination application using the instructions below.


Also when you move a table into another app, some attributes of the original application do not carry over to the new application. These attributes are:

Be sure to make a note of any attributes that you want to keep before you move the table. If you move the table to its own application, these attributes reappear in the new application.

Note: You can also move a table to create a new app, or delete the table at any time.

To move a table into another application:
  1. Open the application to which you want to move a table.

  2. From the app home page, click SETTINGS, then click App management.

  3. Click Move a table into this app.

  4. Click Select a Table. A list of your applications appears.

  5. Select the application that contains the table you want to move, then click OK.

  6. Select the table you want to move and click OK. (QuickBase skips this step if the app you chose only has one table.)

  7. Choose the access permissions on this table to give other roles.

    While you're in the process of absorbing a table, it's usually best to grant "no access" until you have everything set up exactly as you wish. Later, you can assign permissions properly via the Customize Roles page. As administrator, you'll have full access to this table, even with "no access" turned on.

    Note: This functionality is not available to accounts on the QuickBase Essential plan.

  8. Click OK.

Tip: When adding tables to an application, you should consider making the term for "record" unique for each table you add so that users aren't confused when they try to add a record. To learn more, see Changing the Term for a Record.

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