About Table Reports

What tasks are due this week? Which canoe models are in stock at your Yonkers store? Whenever you want to see more than one record at a time, odds are that you want a table report.

A table report is a list of records. You've probably seen this kind of layout before in your favorite spreadsheet program.

A basic table report consists of rows (each row is one record) and columns (each column is a field).

A table report can contain any columns that you want. You can filter records, so you only see those that interest you, then sort and group the remaining records any way you want. Table reports may sound simple, but they're actually a very powerful tool. You can create a much more informative layout than the one pictured above. For example, you can group records to ensure that viewers can process the data quickly. You can even draw in values from related tables.

This report is a list of tasks grouped by Project name. Table reports can compute totals as you see in the Duration column, and averages.

Note: While table reports calculate totals and averages for you, these values do not actually exist in a field within QuickBase.  If you export the report data, the total/average data is not exported. You also cannot use this report-calculated summary data in formulas. Data must exist in a field to be exported and used in formulas.  You can create summary fields in a master table to store total, average, and other summary data from related detail records. You can include the summary fields when you run reports on a master table, and if you export the report the summary field data is exported.  Read more about table relationships.

Learn how to create a Table report.

Tip: Once you've created your report, it's easy to manage. You can rearrange a table report while it's on your screen. Add a column, change sort order, move columns around. Read how.

Navigating through a long table report

A large table may have thousands of records. Not all records can appear on a single screen. QuickBase helps you find your way by providing you with some navigation links at the bottom of your table report.

To move forward through records in a report, click the arrow that points to the right. To move back, click the arrow that points to the left. QuickBase also displays links to the pages that surround the page you're currently on (which is not a link).

Click navigation links to move forward or back
in your report. Jump to a page by making a selection
within the Results Page dropdown.


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