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Will the vendors be done with their part of the implementation before your vacation? What are the other tasks taking place in the next few weeks?

Sure you could check these dates by opening the relevant task or event records, but when you display this info in a Calendar, you can instantly see the timing of all your tasks and how they fit together in the schedule. A Calendar report includes whatever records you want. Each record can display a few fields at once, to supply viewers with all the information they need. For instance, the labels of events below show three fields:

Mouse over an item to display more information. To see the task record, just click the link.
QuickBase highlights the current day in yellow. Days belonging to other months appear in gray.

Viewing other months

You can easily scroll through the months to see other events that precede or follow the month you're in. On the upper left of the calendar, click the left arrow (to move back in time) or right arrow (to move forward). Or, if scrolling's too much work, jump to another month in a snap by clicking the name of the month in the upper left corner of the report. QuickBase displays a small calendar popup. Select the destination month and click Go.

To view other months and years:
  1. Click the name of the month in the upper left corner of the calendar.

  2. Click a month to select it or click the forward and back arrows in the top corners of the calendar popup to move to another year.

The following figure shows the calendar popup:

Show or hide weekend days

Working 24/7? Then you'll be happy to learn that QuickBase also lets you include weekend days in your calendar.

To show or hide weekend days:

Click the Show weekends link on the report menu at the upper left of the calendar.

To remove weekend days, click Hide weekends.

Learn how to create a calendar report.

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