About Search Widgets

Search widgets allow you to search your app’s tables right from the app Home page.

Creating a Search widget

To add a Search widget to the app Home page, edit the app Home page. Drag the Search widget from the Widget Gallery to your desired location.

The Settings dialog will open automatically.

Use the Search in dropdown to select the table you wish to search.

Note: You must choose a specific table. You cannot search across all available tables.

You can choose to search all searchable fields or select the fields to search. If you choose the Select Fields radio button, the Choose Fields link will appear.

Click on Choose fields to open the Choose Fields dialog.

You may select up to five fields in which to search. You can then choose how the Search field(s) will appear on your app Home page. You can search each field for specific information, you can search all fields in the table simultaneously, or you can choose one specific field to search.

When you have finished configuring your search parameters, click Done choosing fields to return to the Settings dialog.

As with all widgets, you can set this widget to be collapsible, if you have placed it on its own row, to preserve space on the app Home page. You can also choose to show a title for the widget.

Customizing a Search widget field

You can change the title of a Search widget field by hovering over the title and clicking the Edit icon. Click the green checkmark icon to save your changes.

Search fields in a Search widget are initially populated with Click to add help text.

Click in the Search field to enter a helpful tip for the user.

Alternatively, if you are not using a Search field title, or if the Search field title does not describe what you’re searching for, you can add the search parameters as watermark text.

Click Save in the Page bar to save your changes.

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