Manage Users in an Application

You use the Users page to add users to your application and control their access. You also use this page to add and manage groups and domain groups. To open the page, click Users on the Table bar.

Managing application users

Use the following options to add, modify, manage, and remove users from your application.


Share app with new user

Gives a user access to your application. Click here to learn how.

Remove User

Removes a user's access to your application. Select the user or users you want to remove in the leftmost column and click this button.

Change Role

Assigns a new role to a user or users. Select the user or users whose role you want to change and click Change Role. Select the new role from the dialog that displays and click Change Role. The role is changed for all users you selected.

Send Invitation

Sends an email inviting one or more people to use the application. Select the user or users you want to invite and click Send Invitation. You can then either accept the default text for the invitation, or compose your own email. When you click Send, QuickBase sends an email with a link to the application to all selected users.

Export All UsersSaves a CSV file containing user data for all users in the app. Click Export All Users to create the file.

Find users on the Users page

To find users or groups on the Users page, type your search criteria in the Search users box or use the Filters at the left of the table.

Managing Users

The Manage Users page offers access to number of different features that are related to managing users. You can organize the list of users who appear in User field dropdowns across the entire application (the Default Set) using the Show in User pickers column.

Use the controls on the Page bar to:

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