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Dovetail Associates on the Hudson, Ltd.

We help non-profit organizations, businesses and government entities with their data management needs utilizing both QuickBase and mobile application solutions. We provide comprehensive services from planning your solution to implementation, training and on-going support.

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Add-On Products From Dovetail Associates on the Hudson, Ltd.

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    Grapevine    Mobile     (0 Reviews)
    Using any smartphone device enter information into your QuickBase apps - even when you're offline.
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    GreenBeans    Apps     (0 Reviews)
    The only supplier-independent system for managing Girl Scout product sales.

Customer Reviews: Dovetail Associates on the Hudson, Ltd.

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Invaluable Expertise

By  L.J. Fletcher of National Marine Sanctuary Fdn | November 25, 2013

This partner review is for: Dovetail Associates on the Hudson, Ltd.

Dovetail Associates has been very responsive. Their design provided us with a cost-effective approach to address our needs. Dovetail has been willing to meet with us and assist us repeatedly as the needs of the organization have evolved. Dovetail patiently worked with us as we worked to change the system into a multi-functional program, the design of which allows for the tracking of numerous processes critical to the organization. In particular, Feza Oktay offered constructive suggestions throughout the evolution of NMSF's QuickBase program. His personal attention allowed for a steady expansion, while insuring the central facet of the system operated without issue. I doubt the scope of our system would have been feasible without Dovetail's expert advice throughout this process.

Feza Oktay

By  Carole Fawcett of New York State Troopers | November 24, 2013

This partner review is for: Dovetail Associates on the Hudson, Ltd.

Feza has done an outstanding job working with me to help develop software for the New York State Troopers regarding Members uniform equipment. The information is extremely helpful since there are 5000+ people with the New York State Troopers. We now have the ability to track equipment usage and sizes on line. This information will help when uniform equipment supply orders need to be placed in the various sizes that are used in shirts, both long and short sleeve, slacks, jackets etc. Division will know at a glance how many Members use a particular size AND Quartermasters will know what sizes are used when they place their Troop orders. This was a long process but Feza has been there every step of the way. Feza was always very receptive to my many questions and problems. I was always treated very professional by Feza who was always understanding when I ran into problems that needed to be solved. I know Division of State Police will be happy with the new system we have come up with. Hopefully this will make everyones jobs a little easier and help save paper and the environment a little more. Thank you Feza for a good job well done.


By  Brenda Watson of Operation Fuel | November 21, 2013

This partner review is for: Dovetail Associates on the Hudson, Ltd.

Top notch customer service.

Most Trusted Partner

By  Stephanie Johnson | December 19, 2012

This partner review is for: Dovetail Associates on the Hudson, Ltd.

Dovetail Associates has been creating QuickBase applications for us for about 10 years. They really understand our business, our customers, and our priorities. As a result, the (mission critical) applications they've developed and support have enabled us to evaluate and improve our business process. Issue resolution time is excellent (same day), and the consultants are pleasant to interact with.

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