Customize the Appearance of an Application

Normally, all the decorative elements on your application pages are generated by QuickBase and don't relate directly to your own working environment. But if you've created an application for a specific group or company, you may want to change some page elements to better reflect who's using your application. You may also be looking for a way to add a hyperlink to help viewers open a special web site, like your own corporate site or a page on your firm's intranet.

Only the application manager can customize an application display. You can't make a lot of changes, but those elements you add help make your application more personal and useful.

What you can change

You can change:


Customized page header.


About adding images

If you want to add an image to your header or footer, or to your email notifications or report subscriptions, you must provide QuickBase with the URL, or the location on the internet where the image resides. This means your image needs to be stored in one of two places:

Tip: You can obtain the URL of an image stored as a file attachment in QuickBase  by opening the record where you stored the picture as an attached file. Click the link to open the attached file and copy the URL from within your browser's address bar. (You can also right-click the link and select Properties to display the URL.) Paste the full web address in the desired element link field under Custom Page Banner.

Navigate to the Custom Page Banner page

To navigate to the Customize Page Banner page:

  1. On any application page, select Customize > Application.

  2. On the Properties tab, click Branding to expand the section.

  3. Turn on the Custom header & footer checkbox.  QuickBase displays additional fields you can use to change your application's appearance.

  4. Make your changes, then click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

To hide menu options on the right side of the QuickBase menu bar:

These instructions will hide the Signed in as menu, the alerts flag, and the My QuickBase button that appear in the upper right corner of your application pages.

  1. Click the Header tab.

  2. Select the Hide QuickBase standard menu options checkbox.

To add text or images to your header or footer:

  1. Click the appropriate tab (Header or Footer).

  2. Use the Left Element and Right Element boxes to enter the text or image location. (Note that you can enter only a Right Element for the footer.)

To add a hyperlink to a header or footer element:

  1. Click the appropriate tab (Header or Footer).

  2. Click the link icon next to the Element box where you want the link to appear.
    For example, if you've entered an image in the Header Left Element box and want that image to link to a web page, click the link icon next to the Left Element box.

  3. Enter the web address for the target of the link.
    For example, if the contents of the Left Element header field read "ACME", click the link icon next to the Left Element box and enter the destination URL that the user would visit if he clicked the ACME link.

To set header color preferences:

You specify custom colors for your header text and background using the Colors area of the Header tab. Type a color name for basic colors or enter a hexadecimal value in either of these boxes. (Hexadecimal values tell web browsers exactly what color to display by indicating alphanumerically how much red, blue and green the color contains.) Or, click the color chooser icon next to the Background and Text boxes to browse and select from the color options shown there.

Tip:  To learn more about hexadecimal values, and to see the complete list of basic colors you can enter, you can read about web colors.

To add text or an image to email notifications and report subscriptions:

To add text or an image to email notifications and report subscriptions, select the Customize Emails checkbox. Enter the text or image URL that you want to display at the top of any emails that your application generates. Read more.

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