Set Up Restricted Fields

In order to restrict user access to a particular field in your application, you must first:

Once you're ready to rein in field access, QuickBase gives you two ways to do so:

To restrict access from within the field's properties page:

If you're just restricting access to one field, this method is usually easiest (though both will work).

  1. Access the field's properties page.

  2. In the Permissions section of the page, turn on the Restrict permission by role checkbox.


  3. Set the access level you want to grant to each role. (Read about the three access levels.)

  4. Click Save.

To restrict access from within the Customize Roles screen:

If you're restricting access to several fields at once, follow the instructions below.

  1. In the menu bar on any application page, select Customize > Roles.

  2. Within the list on the left side of the screen, click the role whose field access you want to control.

  3. If the Permissions tab doesn't display automatically, click it.

  4. Within the Fields column, select Custom Access from the dropdown. QuickBase displays a dialog with a list of the table's fields. The filtering and searching controls at the top of the dialog behave the same as the controls on the Fields tab.

  5. Locate the field(s) to which you want to restrict access and select the desired level of permission. (Read about the three access levels.) You can also set multiple fields' access permissions at the same time, by selecting the checkboxes to the left of each field and using the View, Modify, and None buttons on the toolbar.

  6. Click Save to save your changes.

To edit these settings later, click the Edit icon (editicon.png) to the right of the dropdown in the Fields column on the Permissions tab.

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