About Setting Reporting Defaults

When you create a report using the Report Builder, you have the option of choosing to specify columns for the report, or to simply use the default columns. Did you ever wonder how QuickBase determines which columns should be the default columns? Or how QuickBase determines the default sort order? You can change all of the defaults QuickBase uses when creating reports. You can tell QuickBase:

How QuickBase uses report default settings

The reporting defaults you set determine the layout of your report when you create a report using the report builder without specifying any custom columns or sort order. QuickBase also uses the default settings when:

How to set reporting defaults

You establish reporting defaults for a table on the Fields tab. To access the field listing, click a table name in the table bar of your app, and choose Customize --tablename-- Table > Fields. The following sections describe the reporting defaults you can set up.

Specifying default columns

The Default in Reports column lets you indicate which fields you'd like to specify as the default set of fields used as report columns for reports on this table. Remember that, when users create their own reports, they'll be able to customize what is shown, and how. The fields you specify here are the default set; that is, they're the columns that will appear when users don't customize reports, and in certain other scenarios. (See How QuickBase Uses Default Report Settings.)

Specifying column order

The order of the fields in the field list is the order QuickBase uses when it displays default columns in a report, and when you export data from a table. You can change the order of fields by dragging and dropping. If you have selected one or more fields using the checkbox to the left of the field name, you can drag and drop them to reorder the fields in the table. Alternatively, you can drag and drop one field without explicitly selecting it. The cursor indicates that the drag & drop functionality is available:


While dragging, a horizontal red line indicates the place where the field(s) will be dropped, and the tooltip gives exact information about the number of fields being dragged and the drop location. Any reports created after this operation will contain the fields in the new order.

Specifying the default sort

Select one field to sort reports on, and click the Set Default Sort button. The following dialog displays. Choose whether the field should be sorted Low to high (ascending) or High to low (descending), and click the Save button.


When a field has been set as the Default Sort field, it is decorated with a green double-arrow icon (defsorticon.png) in the Fields tab.

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This page refers to an older version of QuickBase. Online help is now located at http://www.quickbase.com/user-assistance/default.html.


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