Set Calendar Defaults

Whenever a user designs a Calendar report, some settings are already in place, even before the Report Builder opens. If you're an application administrator who likes Calendar reports set a certain way, you can customize the default settings that appear automatically whenever a user creates a new calendar report. It's way to give users a head start and lead them in the right direction.

FAQ - Why should I bother to set up a Calendar Default?

As you just read, it saves your users some time, but there's another feature that creation of a calendar default offers your end users. If you have a default calendar in place, you and your users can instantly convert any regular table report into a calendar. When a calendar default exists for a table, a list report's More menu features the option to view that report as a calendar.

To set calendar defaults:

  1. Open the Default Calendar Settings screen.
    You can do so in one of the following ways:

  2. Tell QuickBase what to show on the Calendar.
    Use controls in the Calendar Entries section to design the events that appear on your calendar. You can:

  3. Set display options.
    Some additional options set the display and behavior of event records. You can:

  4. Click Save.

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