Print a Report

Need a hard copy of your report? Print it in a few clicks.

If the report to be printed is very wide, all of the columns may not fit on a single printed page. In this case, you can print in landscape mode, scale the page to shrink the content (print at 75% for example), or reduce the browser's text size.  Refer to your browser's help for directions on changing these print and browser settings.

Although QuickBase allows the browser to determine the width of the report and each column, you can make some adjustments in QuickBase to reduce the report width.  For example, hide any unnecessary columns by clicking on the column header and selecting Hide this column. Read the "How do I adjust (resize) column width in my reports?" article for more suggestions on changing column width in QuickBase.

If the report contains row highlighting or field colorization, you must enable your browser's Print background color and images setting in order for the colors to print.  Refer to your browser's help for directions on changing this setting. Note that Google Chrome does not support printing background colors.

To print a report:

  1. Within the menu at the top of the report, click More > Print. A print options dialog box appears.

  2. Choose one of the following:

  3. A print preview displays followed by a print dialog box.

  4. Click Print.

Note: Changes that have not been saved will not appear in the printout.

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