Import Data from Excel to Create a New Application

You can create a new application from Microsoft Excel by importing the .xlsx file (from Microsoft Excel 2007 or later) or copying and pasting only the data that you need.  

Step One: Clean up your Excel Spreadsheet

You may not think your Excel spreadsheet is sloppy, but if QuickBase thinks so, you'll have trouble importing it into your new application. For best results, your data must fit the structure that works well in QuickBase. Clean up before import, and you'll save yourself work later. Read Prepare Excel Data for Import.

Step Two: Create a new application by importing the data

You can turn your spreadsheet data into a QuickBase application in one of two ways:

Step Three: Restructure your data to take advantage of QuickBase features

Once you get your data into QuickBase, your work isn't necessarily done. Your application is a relational database, which lets you divide data into separate tables that are linked to each other. This model is very different from a flat Excel spreadsheet. To get the most out of QuickBase, you may want to restructure your data, breaking it out into multiple tables where appropriate. This is a two-step process.

  1. Design your QuickBase application. Not sure which columns should become tables? Learn how to plan application structure.

  2. After you've made a plan, read how to split columns out into separate tables using QuickBase's handy "convert column to table" feature. This useful tool lets you convert a column into a master table that's automatically related to the original table.

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