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To make most changes to your report, you never even have to leave the report itself.

If your report is a Table type report, you can modify it by manipulating elements directly on the report. QuickBase lets you add, remove and change columns without leaving the report display. See your layout changes as you make them! To modify other types of reports or to access some advanced controls (like matching criteria) you need to make changes within the Report Builder. The Report Builder offers more features, so if you don't see a way to do what you want from within the report itself, click the Customize this Report link on the upper right of the page.

Tip: Any user can edit and/or save a report. But only those with "Save Common Reports" access permissions can save changes or create reports that are available to other application users. However, any user can save a personal report, which is visible only to themselves. Read more.

To change column settings on the report itself:

QuickBase lets you modify your report directly on the report display itself. You can:

Before - Click a heading (with your left or right mouse button) to display this menu. Here, a user has clicked the Resource column and will group the report from A to Z (from lowest to highest alphabetically).

After - Once you make the selection, QuickBase transforms the report—in this case, grouping by the Resource field.

If you like what you see, click Save in the popup above the report. You can also save the report as a new report. To do so, click Save > Save As instead.

FAQ - How can I set multiple sorting and grouping options from within the report?
If you want to format the report by combining sorting and grouping options, you can easily do so. Click on any column heading and, within the menu that appears, click Sorting & grouping. QuickBase displays a dialog box that offers all the options available within the Report Builder's Sorting & Grouping section. (Read more about setting these options.) When you've set all your preferences, click OK.

When you've got the report looking like you want it to look, click Save in the popup above the report. Or, you can save your settings as entirely new report, by clicking Save > Save As. QuickBase prompts you to name the report and specify whether or not it should be a Personal report (which only you can see) or a Common report (available to other application users). If Common report is not an option, then your application manager hasn't granted you permission to save reports visible to other users.

To edit a report in the Report Builder:

Editing a report on-screen is a fast way to format columns and set ordering. But the Report Builder offers all the controls under the sun.

  1. Open the report in the Report Builder.

    You can do so in one of the following ways:

  2. Make the necessary changes.

    You can set:

  3. When you're done, click Display to view the results of your modifications. If you don't like the results, click the Customize this report link again to make further edits.

  4. When you are satisfied with how the report looks, save it by doing one of the following:

  5. Tell QuickBase how to save the report.

    Whenever you save a report, QuickBase displays a save report dialog box.  

FAQ - I edited a report and saved it, but QuickBase reverts to the old format. Why won't the program save my changes?

In certain situations (like when you click a report link field, or when you conduct a Find operation, for example) QuickBase displays results using reporting defaults you specify for each table. You cannot change these defaults by clicking the Customize this Report link or rearranging columns directly on the screen. When you do so, QuickBase actually creates a new report, but makes no changes to your reporting defaults. You can change reporting defaults, however. Read how.

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This page refers to an older version of QuickBase. Online help is now located at http://www.quickbase.com/user-assistance/default.html.


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