Edit a Dashboard or Text Page

You can edit any dashboard, text, or rich text page you've created.  You can also edit the default dashboard page which QuickBase creates.  

Tip: The fastest way to get to the Edit Dashboard screen is directly from the dashboard page itself. When you first open an application, the Dashboard screen displays. If you want to edit that dashboard page (you can create as many as you want) click the Customize this page link on the upper right of the screen. QuickBase opens the page's settings in the Edit Dashboard page, where you can customize the dashboard.

To edit a Dashboard, text, or rich text page:

  1. In the menu bar on any application page, select Customize > Application.

  2. Click the Pages tab.

  3. Click the name of the page you want to edit.

  4. Make whatever changes you want. (Read about customizing the Dashboard.)

  5. When you're satisfied with the results, click Save & Done to return to the Pages tab.

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This page refers to an older version of QuickBase. Online help is now located at http://www.quickbase.com/user-assistance/default.html.


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