Delete Multiple Records

Old outdated records getting you down? If it's time to do some housecleaning, you may want to whittle down your application tables by deleting many records at once. To do so, first create a report that contains only the records you want to delete and then tell QuickBase to give them the axe.

Note: The word "record" refers to the records in a table, but the term you use in your application may be different (for example, "contact," "task," or "vendor"). This means that the menu item in the instructions below may be slightly different from what you see.

To delete all the records in a report:

  1. Create (or open) a table report that contains ONLY the records you want to delete.

  2. In the report header, click More > Delete these records.

  3. Click Delete Records to confirm the action. To see the results of this action, you must refresh or reload the report in your browser window.

Caution: Once a record is deleted, you cannot retrieve the data it contained.

To delete selected records in a report:

  1. Display a table report of records in the table you want to delete records from, such as List All.

  2. On the upper left of the list, click the Grid Edit link.

    The table may not look that different, but magic has occurred. QuickBase has made the entire table editable. You can change any value directly from this report. This feature’s a handy way to make changes to several records at once or to add or remove several records in a stroke. (Read more about Grid Edit.)

  3. Select some records.

    You'll select and mark records for deletion. If records appear next to each other, you can select them together. To select the records, click in the leftmost table cell and while holding your mouse button down, drag down or up to select additional records. QuickBase highlights selected records in green so you know you’ve snagged them (see image below). Select as many records as you'd like to delete.

    1. Note: If QuickBase won’t let you select the records, you’re not in Grid Edit mode. Click the Grid Edit link on the upper left of the list.

  4. Right-click within the area of the selected records (they should still be green) and within the menu that appears, select Delete Selected Records.

    QuickBase adds a strikethrough to the records and colors them pink (See image below).

  5. Delete additional records, if desired.

    You can go on to mark other records for deletion before you save your changes. To do so, follow steps 3 and 4 for each record or group of records you want to delete.

    The records in pink are marked for deletion. Once you've marked a record or set of records for deletion, you can go on to mark other records elsewhere in the list.

  6. When you’ve marked all the records you want to delete, click Save & Done.

FAQ - I've marked records for deletion, but I've changed my mind. How do I cancel?

To abort your deletions prior to saving, right-click in a deleted row's leftmost cell. Within the menu that appears, select Undelete Selected Records.

You always cancel grid edit changes by navigating away from this grid edit page. You can do so by clicking any link on the page. For example, click the application title on the upper left of the screen to return the application's dashboard (home page). QuickBase will ask if you're sure you want to leave the page and, as a result, cancel your changes. Click OK, and the records you've marked won't be deleted.

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