Delete a Table from a Multi-Table Application

When you delete a table, you permanently remove the table and its contents. You cannot recover the data in a table once it has been deleted. If you want to remove a table from an application without deleting it, you should move it to a new application it instead.

Before you delete a table, you may want to review its contents to make sure you're not deleting valuable information. While selecting the List All report usually does the trick, that approach isn't foolproof, as someone may have edited this report inadvertently. The best way to make sure you're seeing absolutely every record in a table is to display a new report with no customized settings. To do so, go to the table bar, click the table name and select Create a New Report. (Or go to the QuickBase menu, select Customize > Create a new > Report, and select the table.) The report builder displays. Make no changes to settings and click Display.

Note: If the table is related to other tables, you should delete all relationships prior to deleting the table. If you don't, you'll leave orphaned lookup and reference fields behind in the remaining tables. If you have any formula fields that refer to the relationship's lookup fields, these won't work after you delete the relationship.

To delete a table:

  1. From the My QuickBase page, open the application that contains the table you want to remove.

  2. In the menu bar on any application page, select Customize > Application.

  3. Click the Tables tab.

  4. Locate the table you want to delete and turn on the checkbox to its left.

  5. Click the delete icon (deleteicon.png) in the rightmost column of the table.

  6. In the dialog that displays, type YES to confirm the deletion, then click Delete.

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