Delete a Report Subscription

Once you delete a report subscription, you cannot get it back. Should you want to activate it again, you'd need to recreate it from scratch. If you think you'll want to activate a subscription again, try deactivating it, instead of deleting.

To delete a report subscription:

  1. Access the Email page.

    In the table bar on any application page, click the subscription's table. Within the menu that appears, select Customize --tablename-- Table > Email.

    Or, to delete a personal subscription only, select Customize > Personal Automated Emails in the menu bar on any application page.

    The email screen displays.

  2. Locate the subscription you want to delete and turn on the checkbox to its left. (You can select multiple emails at once. If you selected a single email, you can delete it using the delete icon (deleteicon.png) in the rightmost column of the table.)

  3. Click Delete to delete the selected subscriptions.

  4. In the confirmation prompt that displays, click Delete.

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