Delete a Field That Is Part of a Relationship

A relationship between tables can involve many different fields (read more). You can delete almost any field that is part of a relationship except a reference field. In order to delete a reference field, you must first delete the relationship itself. Then, within the details table, manually delete the reference field.

When you delete a field, QuickBase deletes all the data in the field.

To delete a field that is part of a relationship:

  1. Open the application which contains the relationship you want to edit.

    If you've created a relationship between tables in two different applications, open the application that contains the details table. (Don't know what this is? Read about relationships.)

  2. Open table relationships in one of the following ways:

    Note: Unless you've created a relationship across separate applications, you can select either the master or the details table to delete a field from the relationship.

  3. Click the relationship that you want to edit.

    QuickBase displays the Relationship Properties page, which lists fields that comprise the relationship. The left side of the page shows fields in the Master table and the right side of the page shows fields in the Details table.

  4. Locate the field that you want to delete, and click its Del button.

  5. Usage information for that field displays. Click the Delete this Field button.

  6. Within the confirmation prompt that displays, click Delete.

  7. Click Done to return to the Relationships tab.

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