Delete a Field

Before you delete one of your application's fields, be absolutely sure that you won't need the field or any data it contains. When you delete a field, QuickBase also deletes all the data in the field, which cannot be recovered. The program also automatically removes the field from the forms and reports in which it appears. (You can easily find out what these are. See the highlighted Tip below.)

Tip: If you think you must delete a field, you should understand the repercussions of your action. A good first step is to discover all the places that your application references the field. QuickBase shows you this information on the Usage tab (mentioned in step 3 below).

To delete a field:

  1. In the table bar on any application page, click the table containing the field. Within the menu that appears, select Customize --tablename-- Table > Fields.

  2. Locate the field you want to delete.

  3. At this point, you may want to check the usage of the field, which will show all the places where your application references the field you want to delete. To do so, hover over the field name, and click the Where is this field used? link in the popup that appears. The Usage tab shows a list of the places where the field is used.

  4. If you still want to delete the field, either:

  5. When the confirmation dialog displays, click Delete.

Deleting Multiple Fields

You can select one or more fields using the checkbox to the left of the field name. Once selected, the fields can be deleted by clicking the Delete button and confirming that you want to deletion to proceed.

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