Delete a Custom Form

Want to get rid of a form? They're easy to delete.

Tip: If you think you might want to use or copy a form later, there's no need to delete it. Just don't associate the form with any roles. That way, no one will see it, but you can still access the form later.

You can't delete a form if it's the only one belonging to a table. In other words, if you see only one form on this tab, you can't delete it. You also can't delete forms that are set for roles or reports.

To delete a form:

  1. Open table forms in one of the following ways:

  2. Locate the form that you want to delete and click its delete icon deleteicon.png.

    If you don't see the delete icon for the form, and you have multiple forms for the table, the form is probably in use for a role or report.  Expand the Set how different roles use these forms and the Override role settings by report sections and check whether any roles or reports are using that form.  If they are, change the form being used by the roles or reports.

  3. QuickBase displays a confirmation prompt, asking if you're sure you want to delete the form.

  4. Click Delete.

Deleting Multiple Forms

You can select one or more forms using the checkbox to the left of the form name. Once selected, the forms can be deleted by clicking the Delete button and confirming that you want the deletion to proceed.  Only forms that are not in use by roles or reports are deleted.

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