Copy an Application with Cross-Application Relationships

You may want to copy an application that has relationships with other applications. If you are copying a detail application that has cross-application relationships, you have several options. You can:

Maintaining cross-application relationships in an application copy

When you copy an application, you can choose to maintain its cross-application relationships in the new copy. When you choose this option, QuickBase creates a cross-application relationship between the new detail application and the Master Application specified in the original relationship. If you don't have admin permissions on the Master Application, you'll need to request these permissions for this relationship to work properly.

Note, however, that QuickBase does NOT add the new detail application (the new copy) to the cross-application permissions of the Master application.

Removing cross-application relationships in an application copy

You can also choose to remove any cross application relationships that exist when you copy an application. If you choose this option, you'll see that the relationship still exists in the copy; however, it is disabled. If you look at this relationship on the Relationships tab, you'll find that the relationship goes to an "Unknown Table" in the Master Application, as shown below.  Later, if you change your mind, you can re-enable these relationships.


Granting clone access to the cross-application relationships

You'll see this choice only if you have Administration  permissions on the Master Application. Selecting this choice will maintain the cross-application relationship in the copy, but will also add the copy to the Cross-Application Permissions of the Master Application. After copying the application, you'll see the new copy listed in the cross-application permissions for the master application:


Copy an application with a cross-application relationship

To copy an application with a cross-application relationship:

  1. Open the detail application that you want to copy.

  2. In the menu bar on any application page, do one of the following:

  3. Enter a new name and description (optional) for the application.

  4. Specify whether QuickBase should copy the application data, users, and roles when it makes the copy. (See Copy an Application with Data for more information.)

  5. Tell QuickBase what to do with the cross-application relationships when it makes the copy. Choose one of the following:

  6. Click Copy Application. QuickBase creates and opens the application copy.

  7. Once you've created your copy, you may want to take some additional steps:

Note: If the application you're copying has a shared multiple-choice list that points to field in an outside application, the list will still draw from the field and application you specified when you set it up. However, if a shared multiple choice field points to a field within the same application, that shared multiple choice setup will be copied in its entirety. In other words, within the copied application, the shared multiple choice field points to the copied source multiple choice field. Read more about shared multiple choice fields.

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