Control a User's Ability to Export Data from an Application

You can control the ability of regular application users to export data from an application. When you create an application, QuickBase turns on this ability by default. When you turn off this option, QuickBase removes the Export a table to a file command from the user's Import/Export page. QuickBase also removes the Save as a spreadsheet and Copy these records to another table menu items from the More menu that appears in report headers.

In addition, when users who don't have permission to export data create a new report or refine an existing one, QuickBase does not display the Format options in the Options section of the Report Builder. (These options normally let users choose whether to save data in a spreadsheet or data file format.) However, this setting won't carry over to any reports saved prior to the "export ability" setting change—QuickBase does still display the formatting options in the Report Builder for existing reports. If you want to keep previously saved reports safe from export, save each one again, and QuickBase applies the new restrictions to those reports as well.

Note: The setting described below affects only regular users of an application. Any users you've given administrative powers (within your application) won't be limited by these settings.

To turn on or off the ability to export data from an application:

  1. In the menu bar on any application page, click Customize > Application.

  2. On the Properties tab, click Advanced settings to expand the section.

  3. In the Options section, select or clear the Allow users who are not administrators to export data checkbox as appropriate.

  4. Click Save.


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