Control a User's Ability to Copy an Application

You can control the ability of your application users to copy an application. QuickBase turns this ability off by default, which means that the Copy Application command doesn't display on a user's Miscellaneous page. You can grant or revoke this power at any time.

Note: The actions discussed below affect only regular users of an application. Any users you've given administrative powers (within your application) won't be limited by these settings.

To control the ability to copy an application:

  1. In the menu bar on any application page, click Customize > Application.

  2. On the Properties tab, click Advanced Settings to expand the section.

  3. Grant or revoke a user's ability to copy an application:
    If you want users to be able to copy applications, turn on the Allow users who are not administrators to copy checkbox in the Options section.
    If you don't want to grant users this ability, turn off this checkbox.

  4. Click Save.

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