Change Your Security Question or Answer

Note: If you sign in using your company's corporate authentication system, you will not have a security question.

Your security question provides an extra layer of security whenever you need to reset your password. When that happens, you will be asked to provide the answer to your security question.

You can change your security question or answer at any time after you have signed in to QuickBase by following these steps:

  1. On the upper right of any application page, click your name. Within the menu that displays, select Edit User Profile.

  2. In the left side of the User Profile page, click Change Security Question. If you decide not to change your security question or answer, click Cancel.

  3. Choose a new security question.

  4. Enter an answer, and re-type the answer to confirm.

  5. Click Save Changes.

    Answers to security questions are not case-sensitive. For example, if your answer was "Boston, MA", then "boston, ma" would match.

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