Associate a Dashboard Page with a Role

All the people working in your QuickBase application probably have different jobs. Different jobs mean that they each need to see and do different things. This is true in their work day and also in your QuickBase application.

The Dashboard page appears each time a user opens an application. For this reason it's also called the Home Page. You can create several custom Dashboard pages. In fact, you can have a different page appear to each user, depending upon their role. Doing so lets you deliver content that is relevant to each member of your team. For example, sales representatives need to manage their activities and opportunities, so providing a quick report of their scheduled calls and active leads on the Dashboard page would be helpful to them. But your research staff would rather see a list of tasks and the development calendar.

Tip: If users will be accessing the application on mobile devices, read tips for creating mobile-friendly application Dashboards.

To associate a Dashboard page with a particular role:

  1. Create a new role, or access an existing role.

  2. Within the Roles page, click the User Interface tab.

  3. From the Roles home page dropdown menu, select the page you want to display. This field is automatically set to show the Default Dashboard page to all roles. (Read how to set a default dashboard page. Read how to customize a dashboard page.)

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