About Billing Accounts

When you signed up to use QuickBase, you created a Billing Account. A billing account belongs to one contact, which is tracked using that person's email address. Within your account, you can create multiple applications. Individuals who manage those applications can invite many other users to share access to these applications, and therefore, to your account.

The person who creates the account becomes the Billing Account administrator for the account, and can even create other administrators, if necessary. Billing Account administrators are responsible for managing applications that make up the account, as well as high-level permissions for application creation and denial of account access. QuickBase provides a central location to handle all these responsibilities: the Manage Billing Account page. To get there, go to your My QuickBase page and click the Manage my billing account link on the right.

New to QuickBase? If so, read this introduction that explains what you're paying for and how to set up your account.

User Management and Administration

Even though you created the account and are presumably in charge, you don't have as much power over users as you may expect. This is so Application Managers can have complete control over their applications. Only they can add users and set access rights (view, modify, etc...) in order to run their applications without interference. Billing Account Administrators do have some control, however. On the Manage Billing Account page, you can do the following:

Tip: More advanced user management is available to accounts that have purchased QuickBase Enterprise Edition (also known as Realms accounts). Read more.

Application management

Account administrators are responsible for managing the applications in their account. An account administrator may perform any of the following tasks, if necessary:

Billing Account Management

Administrators must also perform the following account management tasks:


This page refers to an older version of QuickBase. Online help is now located at http://www.quickbase.com/user-assistance/default.html.


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