About the Dashboard Page

The Dashboard page is the first page you see when you open an application and acts as your application's home page. An application manager can and should customize a Dashboard page by embedding reports or adding explanatory text. The dashboard is where you should post announcements and display important reports.

Tip: If users will be accessing the application on mobile devices, read tips for creating mobile-friendly application Dashboards.

When you're working in an application, you can return to its Dashboard page at any time. To do so, click the application name on the upper left of the screen, just beneath the menu.

Dashboard Page Example

The dashboard offers lots of exciting tasks for users and application managers alike:

If you're a Trial User, your Dashboard contains two special panes on the left, instead of the list of links to reports shown in the image above. The Your Progress and Trial Resources panes contain links to guide you through creating an application and learning more about QuickBase.


If you're a User, you can:

If you're an Application Manager, you can:

Do everything listed above, plus...

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This page refers to an older version of QuickBase. Online help is now located at http://www.quickbase.com/user-assistance/default.html.


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