Filtering and Sorting the Field List

Some QuickBase users have tables with hundreds of fields. In these cases, filtering the field list shown on the Fields tab to show a subset of those is often useful.

Filtering by Searching the Field List

The Search box appears at the top of the Fields tab. Type a search term to limit the fields shown to ones whose names contain that term. The Search box will search in the Field Label column only.

Filtering by Showing Categories of Fields

show_fields.pngThe Show dropdown list contains a list of field types that can be used to filter the fields displayed for the current table. Choose one of the following options:

Note that the field properties in the Show dropdown will be greyed out and unselectable if no fields with those properties are in the current table.

Sorting the Field List

By default, the order of the fields in the field list is the order QuickBase uses when it displays default columns in a report, and when you export data from a table. You can change the order of fields in the field list by dragging and dropping. If you have selected one or more fields using the checkbox to the left of the field name, you can drag and drop them to reorder the fields. Alternatively, you can drag and drop one field without explicitly selecting it. The cursor indicates that the drag & drop functionality is available:


While dragging, a horizontal line indicates the place where the field(s) will be dropped, and the tooltip gives exact information about the number of fields being dragged and the drop location. Any reports created after this operation will contain the fields in the new order.

If you prefer to sort fields by a column in the field list, click the Advanced Options link, select Enable column sorting, and click Save. Click a column heading to sort by that column.


Field drag and drop is disabled while you have fields sorted by a column, and a warning to that effect is displayed at the top of the screen. Click the Return to field list order link to re-enable drag and drop.

Note: Sorting fields by a column in the field list does not affect the order of default columns in reports you create or data you export.


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