What's for Lunch?

Author: Erich Schaffer
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Everybody has their special lunch spot. "What's for Lunch?" will help you share and decide how to spend your precious hour.


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This is a good application idea

By mochann 2 years ago

This can bring in productivity and automate the process

Map Adds...

By jrehak 2 years ago

Use of the map on the dashboard is a nice touch! Easy to use!

Gets Better With Age

By Andrew C 2 years ago

This will be great for when our remote staff has to come in for trainings.

By Nano 2 years ago

Looks like a great app to make some fun plans with.

Cool app

By cmcm 2 years ago

It's meant to be simple and it works. I'd probably add URL fields for links to external review sites, and it's easy enough to customize it myself. Thanks.

Lunch is ready!!!!

By Geetanjali 2 years ago

So nice app created and eye catching.Very attractive and charming app.

Simple to use

By Brooke M 2 years ago

Pretty simple to use and a straight forward application. Good idea to let all employees see what their options are for lunch and get an idea about the overall quality of the food/restaurant.

Who doesn't eat, right?

By David Downes 2 years ago

Not bad. Quick and to the point. Pithy, even? Recommended.


By Jordan 2 years ago

I love this idea to encourage co-workers to make solid decisions that everyone can enjoy.

Easy to Use and Good Idea

By Matt Sarver 2 years ago

Overall the application is straight forward and very easy to use. This could be a good resource of information for internal suggestions on the best place to eat nearby. I would suggest adding a top rated by restaurant type report.

Gives me a couple ideas

By madsur 2 years ago

I doubt that we will use this app, but it certainly did make me think about using QB to get our employees more engaged.

Great Idea and Cute Picture

By caseykelbs 2 years ago

I really like this idea for new users to get used to QB! Also you can find out who would take advantage of the Thai lunch specials down the street. (Not everyone likes Thai...)

Great idea

By Eddie 2 years ago

This app is a great idea executed really well. Nice work!

Great for personal references

By DDM1 2 years ago

This would be great to share with new employees, but for everyday use I'll take UrbanSpoon.

Awesome for the workplace!!!

By Josh Miller 2 years ago

This is a great idea! I was going to build something like this (not half as impressive) to socialize Quickbase in my organization. This allows people within the organization to not only see the power of Quickbase, but also share their opinions collectively in a positive manner...Thanks so much for this app

This is going to make our lives much easier

By Lizziebeth10 2 years ago

Planning monthly company lunches with all the info!

Very creative

By Jake 2 years ago

I love the idea of incorporating good maps into a Quickbase app. I wish that my business had a use for it because it's pretty neat.

Simple and Informative

By Jeff R 2 years ago

With Staff stationed and traveling from community to community, this app concept would be great for not only good places to eat, but also good places to take a break and connect.

Fun Idea

By Dinesh 2 years ago

This is a funny but a good idea to use QuickBase for creating an app to find a good spot for lunch

What's for Lunch

By Steffanie 2 years ago

Great idea for an app. Great way to try out new food and locations.

What's for lunch

By THand 2 years ago

Great for area's that are big. We live in a small town so we do not have to have this app. If I was in a bigger area I would use it.

Nice contribution with a little customization

By Eric P 2 years ago

A very nice contribution for a team wanting to cut through the overwhelming nature of Yelp. Would be nice to add some descriptions to the fields on the review forms so users knew, for example, the difference between one dollar sign and two. Nice work!

Simple and useful

By JKN4 2 years ago

Good and clean app. With active users this would be very useful in an office, especially for new employees.


By JRG23 2 years ago

Very simple and wouldn't replace other existing apps such as UrbanSpoon or Yelp.

Fun and Simple App

By Ezra 2 years ago

Good app that's very simple and easy to use! Could use a few upgrades but that's so easy to do in Quickbase anybody could customize this to their needs.


By Candice M 2 years ago

This would be handy for co-workers, unfortunately we do not have many lunch places close by our location

Fun App

By canes876 2 years ago

Great, non-work, app that the team would love to play with. Yelp for the office!

Great useful app!

By LittleLizaJane 2 years ago

I always struggle with picking a place to eat, or remembering if I have been somewhere and what I had there or did I like it. This app helps with those things! I can see on the map where a place is, add all their data and then give my review. the only thing I wish it had was a place to upload a picture but I can add that in!

Great idea for contractors

By Quickbase user 2 years ago

This is a good idea and would be handy to share with our contractors, vendors and visiting employees. Those that stay overnight are always looking for good local places to eat.

Fun little App

By DavidC 2 years ago

Nice little app but nothing really replaces for me Yelp.com The List All at the bottom of the page has redundant data. There is no need to show the Restaurant Name and Address for each review since each review is already part of that restaurants group.

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