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Author: Kathy Marohl
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I have created a Time Off Calendar so that you can record scheduled time away from the office, i.e. biz travel, vacations, sick time, conferences, jury duty, etc. You can also list your birthday.


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nearly pointless

By stone 46 weeks ago

can't color code. can't enter multiple days at once. can't see most of the calendar on first page. very basic and difficult.

vacation calendar

By RayS 49 weeks ago

the app was good but did not meet my needs. I reviewed it, then deleted it and built my own from scratch

Great, simplistic App!

By Lynn a year ago

I adjusted this app to display the various tasks each of our Publication Developers had to complete each day. It was just what we needed. Not too complicated to amend. It has provided us one place to check these workloads, which previously, were maintained in separate calendars for each person in Outlook. Granting access to those who assign the work, helps prevent overloading one person over another and all is visible in one spot.

Great stand alone app or good starting point

By PeterS a year ago

I initially was going to use this as a vacation calendar and needed an internal events calendar too and was able to make some easy changes to enable that. This app saved me a lot of time,

Vacation calander

By PK DC 2 years ago

Thank yiu for the template. its make our job much easier . Just a few customizations to the app and we are all set.

vacation calendar

By shamad 2 years ago

One of the best yet. It eliminates the inter departmental emails and quite easy to track my department time. Great App!!!

Calendar app

By THand 2 years ago

Great way to look at a glance who has vacation time coming up. They can enter it themselves so keeping track is easier.

QBase Vacation

By rc38495tshh022 2 years ago

It could be better via a users manual & a technical manual

QuickBase Application - Vacation Calendar

By Net4 over 3 years ago

The application had standard features and could have easily been made from scratch. This was a good example to get some hands-on experience with creating QuickBase Applications using a real-life example.


By SFCC over 3 years ago

Was surprised to see that there wasn't a function to add multiple dates - ie: vacation for a few weeks. Currently you have to add it manually for everyday that one is out of office.

How can a vacation calendar not include length of vacation?

By Dsgarnett over 3 years ago

Loved the idea. And functionally it works great. But unless we missed something big, everyone has to enter vacation day by day. Simply not workable.

A/L Calander review

By Dave over 3 years ago

Tool is useful - have been using it as an example to build my own A/L generator, was a good example to use and personalise/expand

Vacation Calendar

By Renegade. over 3 years ago

Super simple! This app can be used by anyone! Track personal time too.

By Kingsly S D Samuel over 3 years ago

Very useful. Helps us keep track of all our team members who all work virtually

By Peter Donoso over 3 years ago

We use it to track our small dept. and find it very useful

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