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Organize, prioritize and engage with customers on support requests to ensure accurate and timely responses with this robust customer support app. Increase agent productivity and customer service, centralize all customer conversations for higher visibility and faster case resolution, and create custom reporting to manage the key metrics that make your organization a success.


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By BILL E 34 weeks ago

I find that I can navigate my way through it with no problems and that is what works for me. (Being able to navigate)

By David45 a year ago

Difficult to design Great idea, however, not easy to design your own apps. I have experience with Db design, and I found it to be very confusing.

Support Client App

By SteveC a year ago

Very intuitive and useful. Easy to use, informative, comprehensive.

Support Customers app from QuickBase Exchange

By Bryan a year ago

really worked well, was looking for something to manage call backs an document tech issus with win 10

I have been waiting for an app like this!

By Gary over 3 years ago

So universal. I love it. You could use it out of the box for any level of customer service. You could also customize it simply for IT ticketing. big fan!

By Lucille Hayles over 3 years ago

I am not a versed user but its quite easy to set up a basic table to collect any information you need. The template are also good but the really useful ones are somewhat complex to figure out and to me appears a bit difficult to manipulate at times. I really wish you guys could have colored icons for the tables and more too

By Robert Piechowiak over 3 years ago

This app gives the possibility for colleagues to send me questions or difficult cases and I can help them.

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