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It's time to connect with the right people at the right times. With this simple contact management software, you can keep an entire sales, customer service, or outreach team organized. Eliminate spreadsheets and outdated databases when you use this better way of tracking contact information. Keep track of phone calls, emails, and every type of communication in one consolidated online database, which can be updated even on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Pull information from other sources, store your important documents like invoices or forms, and sync with other cloud-based apps automatically. When you have all of your important contact information and communication data in one place, you can become more successful at staying in touch. Whether you plan to make new connections, forge new business relationships, keep in touch with current clients or vendors, or simply coordinate outreach in a more reliable way, this contact management software can help your business get the job done. For teams of representatives looking to reach out to influencers, leads, or stakeholders, this simple CRM app provides a collaborative online environment. It can also help your representatives plan, allowing them to set up future appointments. They can plan ahead and reconnect with clients, vendors, or customers later in the sales funnel or customer lifecycle and schedule out appropriate touch-bases in the future. There are several types of business settings where a simple contact application like this will fit well: Small- to large-sized sales teams Call centers or customer service organizations Outreach offices (such as for nonprofit organizations, colleges, or political campaigns) Vendor-coordinating offices and event planning groups Other types of organizations that require frequent contact with a widespread group of people This simple contact management software is a great solution to get started with right away, but remember that with QuickBase, you can always customize your solution with drag-and-drop dashboards, which will allow managers to see the status of every client communication. Without spending months of man-hours in development, you can create a custom solution just for your processes! But if you'd like a different app solution for keeping track of your contacts, try the Contact Management Portal template or any one of the more than 800 business app templates, which offer a great jumping-off point for crafting a solution with QuickBase.


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Simple Contact Manager

By Kathy a year ago

The program is ok - but the price per office is steep for a two person office. I believe we will purchase a program like Access for $109.99 for our use instead of paying $300 per year. Thank you

A little cumbersome

By Rick R a year ago

Your calendar on phone is tenuous having to go thru 3 pages to get to my activities. If I have to leave contact page while updating to get info from outlook, I lose my place and have to start all over again.


By PulseGuard a year ago

Liked the all the facilities QuickBase offers but too expensive for a small company like ours with only 4 people using it, having to purchase a minimum of 10 licences puts it out of our reach.

By Chandu a year ago

Very nice & simple to use. It is a great app to start using Quickbase.


By Phil a year ago

Please add additional function under activities - Office meeting

Intuite Quick Base

By Leonard a year ago

Not worth the money even if it is free. A truely unuseable product. Not worth the time to write a revue!

Simple contact manager

By Abbeys a year ago

A very nice app. Easy to customise to my business terminology. Simple but effective dashboard and logical reports. I particularly like the activity/contact scheduling function. Within a couple of hours I had my contacts entered and we were ready to make some appointments with prospective new clients.

Simple Contact Manager

By nancy a year ago

Very easy to utilize, upload, download and facilitate. We have switched from Salesforce to QuickBase because of this! Nice app.

Contact Manager

By JWE2015 2 years ago

Very easy to use, Practical , Common sense it is a good 1st step to manage your contacts.

Simple contact manager

By Kimber 2 years ago

I like the app a lot now that we've customized it for our needs. Thank goodness for the help of Jay and Justin - they made putting our app together a breeze.

simple and easy

By TTyler 2 years ago

Works great for a simple contact manager. If you want more, try the complete contact manager.

Simple contact manager

By THand 2 years ago

It is great for a larger company who deals with a lot of customers. It keeps track for you the things you need at your fingertips.


By Colleen 2 years ago

I like everything about the database - minus how much I have to learn to build it. But, I will say Shawn Renn is an oustanding rep who has been extremely helpful.

Quickbase App - Checklist

By Lina 2 years ago

Really detail easy to used for end users, more of the item on the menu can be edited at any time, setting roles is a major benefit when keeping track with changes


By none 2 years ago

This did not seem to have the power, ease of use and flexibility that I was looking for.

By mrpeddler 2 years ago

this is a program I could use , but I will NOT go on the cloud

Review on Simple contact Manager

By Rajashekar Reddymasi 2 years ago

I found this app very easy and comfortable to manage our contacts.

Simple Contact Manager

By Amar 2 years ago

Thoroughly enjoy using these simple easy to operate apps. Easily modified to fit into most businesses and has increased our businesses speed and service by a massive amount leading to increase business.

30 Day Trial

By SanWood over 3 years ago

I just started yesterday. Still getting my feet wet, but looks like we've made the right decision. What has made a great impression is the immediate response from an Intuit rep, Dawn Jones, based somewhere in the East Coast. Her helpful attitude and assurance is greatly appreciated.


By rt34mulcher over 3 years ago

loved it--need to do a trial again when the right worker is back from vaca --help was perfect as well

Useful Database To Get Ideas

By SteveL over 3 years ago

I used this Db to undertsand how to develop my own application

Intuit customer service

By Annamarie over 3 years ago

Excellent program but way too expensive!!  $199.00 per month!!  Could not afford that for just myself using it

Simple Contact Manager

By Richard over 3 years ago

The program is good, but it does not have Outlook integration built in. I have been using Send to QuickBase on Trial, but continue to have problems with mapping to get emails, calendar items and other activities into QuickBase properly. The Send to QuickBase tutorials have been of no help, nor has the Author. If I cannot get Send to QuickBase properly integrated with QuickBase, then QuickBase is of no value to our company.

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