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Control and monitor delivery of your projects to keep your team on time and under budget with this powerful project management app. Plan, collaborate and report on all projects across your organization, schedule tasks, assign resources, notify team members of assignments and changes automatically, and track the progress of your projects from start to finish.


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By 43 weeks ago


PM App in QB

By a year ago

QB has one major deficiency. It does not support sub-tasking (without creating an unmanageable series of subtables). This is a killer. I've used QB for more than a decade and this is such a critical omission in the feature set. It's fundamental to PM and you don't have it.

Good stuff

By a year ago

It provided a good starting point for the customized PM app I wanted to build. Very neat.

Operations Coordinator

By a year ago

Great program for work flow. So many extras that can cut down other programs and use this program only.

Project Manager

By 2 years ago

I just started using, however, it appears to be a great tool.


By 2 years ago

Great job! It was nice having a template to start with instead of starting from scratch. I haven't come across any issues.

Good table structure for Project Management

By over 3 years ago

Had great framework for me to build on and customize so it was tailored for my needs. The app is easy to understand and changes were minimal so I was working with live info right away. Within a few hours had my projects on the dashboard and was able to start updating.

By over 3 years ago

To date

By over 3 years ago

Meets all our requirements. Helps us to keep track of our seamless production in an efficient way.

By over 3 years ago

This template provided a god basis from which to start

By over 3 years ago

Template was a great starting point for a project management application.

By over 3 years ago

The template was a good starting point for creating a Project Management tool.

By over 3 years ago

I've modified this so extensively that I really can't recall how much was in the original template.

By over 3 years ago

this was my first attempt at using the sandbox. I didn't like that very little information from my main app carried over into the sandbox. I had to re-create functional areas

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