IT Total Management

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Manage projects, track assets, log bugs, and resolve trouble tickets for your IT organization with this all-in-one IT portal app. If only certain pieces of this application are needed, each component is available as a separate application in the Information Technology category when creating a new application.


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By fearroyo over 3 years ago

Good app. It seems to very helpful to track incidents and get reports.

IT Total Management

By Chuckie over 3 years ago

IT Total Management was probably a little "overkill" for my needs but the simpler version was too simple. This application has been easy to configure to suit my current needs and allows me to develop into other areas of the application as they become applicable to meet need or change. The availability of the app saved a lot of development time obviously. Generally the app is only used by a small number of admin staff but having the app available to all my QuickBase users spread all over North America, means that conducting audit checks of equipment held, maintenance tag and serial number checks, is easy to achieve.

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