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Manage customer calls and create support tickets to solve customer issues. Track average handle time, view all cases by status, and manage your support team to provide to highest service level possible. Use this application as a starting point to solve for end to end customer service workflow and customize it to meet your specialized needs.


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Answers questions quickly...could be a bit quicker

By JohnK a year ago

In most cases I have received an answer and resolution quickly. Nice when you're under pressure to deliver on this side.

Database Review

By HVACSAM 2 years ago

I am still figuring this app out. However, I have had support contact me numerous times in an effort to assist me. It is a bit complicated.

Good enough template

By Kenh over 3 years ago

This app provides the appropriate tables to quickly start a help desk ticketing system. It's not exactly what I was looking for, as I was creating something for different business purposes, but it provided a good jumping off point for my customizations.

By areid324 over 3 years ago

Great Help Desk App! All the necessary components are already built in, not many changes were necessary. Thanks!

Very nice help desk application

By claire over 3 years ago

Very straight forward call form easy to specify customer and call specifics. Service reps have a special role for custom reports of their calls and open tickets. Managers have a neat dashboard of the reps handled calls and unassigned tickets

By Rani Khoury over 3 years ago

This template provides basic functionality compared to our needs

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