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Track your company's ongoing relationships with other companies and contacts using this B2B-focused contact management app. As basic CRM software, this application is perfect for those working in sales, customer service, or any industry that requires employees to closely track their most valuable contacts. Track basic contact information as well as company and industry information, so that you can see contacts in each category. Track thousands of clients, leads, and industry professionals in one online, cloud-based database that can be accessed at the office or remotely, using smartphones and tablets. You can find people by their important fields like phone, website, address, and more. This contact manager software goes beyond simply being a record-keeper. Sales teams can track and manage activities and productivity, schedule future calls and meetings, and attach important documents to maximize efficiency, and improve workflow processes. Because you can track sales activities, users, and documents in one easy contact manager app, you can gain better insight into your processes: which member of your sales team is reaching out to which contact and when, where you contacts are located across regions, the performance of your team as a whole, where contacts lie in a visualization of the sales funnel, and more. Using a single simple interface, you can pull in the information and reports you need to make process changes and help your team be more productive and active. Don't require your team to need to chase each other down over email; keep all of your documents in one online database that can be accessed anywhere. Promote a more collaborative environment among team members while staying organized! This is one of our most basic contact manager software offerings and is a great starting point for those learning how to use QuickBase. It's perfect for sales teams that need a fast, ready-made solution that only requires a little bit of customization, while still being flexible and dynamic enough to allow you to create drag-and-drop dashboards that are unique to your needs. Get started with this contact manager application right away! Download the contact management app for a simple, elegant, and effective solution for tracking your most important client or customer information. If you need a different solution that allows you to track more or different data, there are several other contact tracking solutions available for you to buy through QuickBase. Remember, if you dont find what youre looking for, you can always develop a custom application through the QuickBase platform. Sign up and download the contact manager app to play around with customizable features and see how our apps can change your business today.


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By Sharon a year ago

I like the simplicity of the contact management app. I also downloaded a more complicated one, but I was not impressed by that app as I expected to see more fields and charts.

Complete Contact Manager

By Michael Berg a year ago

Pretty basic but well built. We are getting rid of our current CRM "provider" and switching to this app.

Complete Contact Manager

By tthomas a year ago

Good App with lots of relevant options to customize. It would be helpful to have the ability to do a mass delete of existing contacts since many samples are provided on download but no needed later

I'm sure it's excellent

By WhoCares a year ago

Unfortunately I was looking for something different and choose this one because from the description is seemed to one to use. In the end I just build one from scratch. Still trying to navigate the nuances of this program.

By Vanessa 2 years ago

Comprehensive and easy to use. Thanks for creating.

not for everyone

By Chuck10386 2 years ago

if you have extra time on your hand, it is may be for you, other wise stay away.

Complete Contact Manager

By Carmen over 3 years ago

I am new to Intuit and find this application very helpful to get me started.

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