ABC Project Manager 4 in 1

Author: Kirk Trachy
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This application combines four applications in one. If you want to start out simply and expand features when your are ready then ABC Project Manager 4 in 1 is for you. Unlike the stand-alone individual ABC Project Manager 1, 2, 3 or 4 applications ABC Project Manager 4 in 1 lets you start at one level and increase or decrease functionality as you need it. Moving between levels is simple, easy and there is no loss of data or need export/import to upgrade. Everything from ABC Project Manager 1, 2, 3 and 4 Plus: (Ability to move between levels)


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ABC Project Manager 4 in 1

By MMmm 2 years ago

very detail described. Very informational and easy to understand

ABC project Manager 4 in 1

By TS37900 over 3 years ago

The app appears to be a very inclusive project management tool. I am specifically looking for an applicaton that has a good way of handling dependencies but didn't see how this one could do that. Overall it looks great.

Unable to login to app

By Steve over 3 years ago

horrible app. i downloaded app and on 1st click opening dasahboard receive login page where i login same as i do everybody but unable to bypass login screen. even if i deleted the widgets on the home page, i still receive login page, yet i am able to go into any of the tables. go figure.

By Betsy Cridlin over 3 years ago

The template was helpful as a good place to start with some things already in place

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