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QuickBase Visual Basic SDK

This is a Visual Basic wrapper written to simplify interaction with the QuickBase HTTP API

Details are at


The Visual Basic project group contained in the zip file has a TestHarness application that exercises the most popular methods of the QuickBaseClient class module also contained in the project group.

NOTE: The VB SDK does not yet support application tokens. You must leave application tokens disabled for the application your scripts are calling. If tokens are required, disable them manually.
- read about tokens:
- read how to disable tokens:

You can also see the QuickBaseClient class module in action and look at the code using it in:

QuickBase Desktop (bidirectionally sync QuickBase tables with MS Access):

QuickBase Download (download QuickBase tables to specific worksheets in Excel):

QuickBase Exact (MS Word template for customizing QuickBase records):

Note that you can include the functionality of QuickBaseClient directly into your VB or VBA project by importing two files:


Then you'll need to do two more things:

Set the conditional compilation argument. From the VBA window choose the Tools menu and select Properties and then on the General tab fill the Conditional Compilation Arguments text box with:


Include a reference to "Microsoft XML, version 2.0". In the VBA window select the Tools menu and choose References. Then check the check box next to "Microsoft XML, version 2.0".

The above is the equivalent of selecting a reference to "QuickBase HTTP API Wrapper" (which refers to QuickBase.dll). So you'll want to make sure you do not have the checkbox next to "QuickBase HTTP API Wrapper" checked in the Tools->References menu if you include QuickBaseClient.cls in your project.

Installation Notes

The Visual Basic project group contained in the zip archive '' has two projects.
1. A class module which compiles to a dll:


This dll contains QuickBase.QuickBaseClient. The project description for this class module is:

QuickBase HTTP API Wrapper

This class requires MSXML2.0 which comes with IE5 or greater. It uses the WinINET API so no URL control is required.

2. A small GUI project that exercises many of the public methods of QuickBase.QuickBaseClient.



Supports anonymous access.


Added methods to list, retrieve and save database pages.


httpContentLengthProgress and httpContentLength now work in file download mode. Also conversion of dates from QuickBase to Microsoft format is more efficent.


HTTP data downloading is much faster for large amounts of data. Also two public variables report on the data download progress. httpContentLengthProgress starts at zero and increases until it reaches httpContentLength. Both variables are zero if no download is in progress.


Now supporting file uploads to file attachment fields. Please examine the included test application "QuickBaseClientTestHarness" to see how file uploads are perfomed with the AddRecord and EditRecord methods.


This version handles the new file attachment URLs properly.


Public methods parameters are now call by value instead of call by reference which allows the QuickBase.dll to be called from VC++.

Also a new property called 'errordetail' provides more details on errors like which field is involved instead of just specifying that a field is involved.


AddRecord, AddRecordByArray and EditRecord functions return the update id now implemented by the QuickBase HTTP API. Also the EditRecord method now accepts an update id as an input parameter and will return an error if the record has been edited since the time of the creation of update id.

Performance and error handling of the HTTP connection has been improved.


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