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Why are my users not receiving QuickBase Email as expected?

Users sometimes report that QuickBase email recipients do not receive email as expected.
There are a number of possible explanations for this situation and users can do a few things to help determine the cause.

Some possible reasons for email not arriving could be:

* There is a problem with the recipients email address, client, or server.
* There is a problem with the setup of a specific QuickBase automated email.
* The user expects to receive email, but the settings of his/her application prohibit it.
* The email is being trapped, quarantined, or otherwise blocked from your user(s).

Suggested Troubleshooting Questions to Ask:

Who is affected?
- Just you?
- Users in a group?
- All users in this application?
- Users outside your company?
- Users in your company?

What did you/someone do that should have triggered the email?
- Who did it?
- What did they do?
- When did they do it?

What changed in the application or environment?
- Were there any changes to the notification rules?
- Were there any changes to Roles and users' access to records or tables?
- Are there any non-alpha-numeric characters in the role name?
- Were there any changes to users' email addresses?
- Were there any changes to the IT infrastructure / email systems at your company?
- Were there any updates to spam filtering or security software?

Suggested Troubleshooting Activities:

* Setup an alternate email address outside of your corporate environment to test email with. There are many free email accounts available today from sites like Yahoo, Google, AOL, etc. Try sending a record to this address and the original recipient or adding this address to an automated notification alongside the original recipient. Trigger the email and verify that the exterior account received the message but the other user did not. This should confirm that QuickBase is sending the emails but they are being blocked or re-routed by the recipients email system. If the external account receives the email but another user does not, chances are the email is being re-routed to a junk mail or spam folder in their email client. Have the user check these folders and inquire with their internal IT department about spam filtering. A good idea is to ask their IT dept to provide safe passage for any email coming from anything or A list of IP addresses of our mail servers can be made available to their IT department to help ensure safe passage of our emails through their corporate security network.

* If the expected email should contain data items, please check to make sure that the recipient is in a role that is allowed to view this data according to the security settings in their Role. To learn more, please see our About Roles help topic.

* If you suspect the emails are being received by your mail server but are being blocked, then your mail server administrators may need need to adjust some settings in order to permit emails from QuickBase to be received. More details about the IP addresses used by the QuickBase email servers can be found here:
If neither of these lines of troubleshooting provide any answers, please update your support case with the answers to as many of the troubleshooting questions above so that we can help isolate the problem.


emails not being received

Is there any way to track that the email was actually sent from quickbase? I got few reports that the users did not receive a particular email setup for change notifications. They received the emails for other change notifications though. Would be nice to verify that the email was actually sent from quickbase for a certain action and then we could figure out at what point it got blocked off.

Hello,If you go to Help >


If you go to Help > Manage Support Cases > + New Support Case, one of our customer care specialists can definitely work with you and check our server logs to see if the email in question is being sent from our end, and whether or not it looks like it's been received by your email server.



Change notification emails not working with summary fields

Hi, I am having trouble getting quickbase to send a change notification email based off of a change in a summary field. I have two tables; "Tests" table and "Mileage log" table. Records are being logged for daily miles driven in the "Mileage log" table. In the "Tests" table, there is a summary field that sums the total miles for the test. When this summary field changes, I would like a change notification email to go out. It does not seem to be working. I have found that I can change any multiple choice field, and the notification email works, if any of these are selected as a trigger. However, any fields that auto update with formulas do not seem to work as a trigger for the email. Also I should point out that the summary field does not show up as an option for a trigger when selection change crireria when setting up the notification. So I tried creation a new formula field and made it equal to the summary field. The new field is selectable in the notification criteria list, but when there is a change in teh field, the email is not received. Any ideas?




Hi Sterwart, Summary fields

Hi Sterwart,


Summary fields don't actually "change". To trigger a notification off a field, it would need to be a field the user manually updates, and then clicks Save to finish. At the moment we unfortunately don't have built-in triggers to send such emails when a summary/lookup/formula value changes. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

There's actually an enhancement request for this already entered, so if you're logged in you can vote for it here:




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