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What time of day are report subscriptions emailed?

A specific report subscription is always emailed at the same time of day (or time of week). However, this time is chosen at random when the report subscription is created.

Currently, the time is randomly chosen in the range from 08:00 to 15:00 UTC time. Depending on daylight savings, this translates into:
Eastern Time: 3AM to 11AM
Pacific Time: 12AM to 8AM

If you are unhappy with the specific time the e-mails are sent, you can delete the report subscription and recreate it. This will choose a new random time which may be more (or less) to your liking.

[Note that the specific time ranges may change in the future.]

Caution: If the subscribed report has a filter criterion that selects records related to the date Today(), the report would not show records related to 'yesterday' as might have been expected since the report would have been run only in the morning hours of Today(). The workaround is to use Today() - Days(1) instead of Today() in the filter formula if the intent is to select records related to the day 'previously ended'.



Is there a report that you can print off Quickbooks that will tell you all customer activity including the last invoice date and if there has been no activity as well?

Hi Karri, Are you looking to

Hi Karri,


Are you looking to build a report in QuickBase or QuickBooks? They are actually two different products from Intuit. If you have a question about QuickBooks, please see their support resources here:




What time of day are report subscriptions emailed?

The   above  explanation is absurd!  When create new subscription, we should be able to select day of the week and time of the day.   QB Development team should  work on this option soon!

Hello, We're picking the time



We're picking the time automatically to balance the load and ensure that all subscriptions are mailed out. However we are looking into the possibility of allowing users to pick which day of the week they'd like their subscription sent.




Reporting on a time field


I am creating a report, and I want to track all those records which were last modified after 3:00 PM yesterday. Is this possible to do ?



date/time fields filter only on date portion

Hi Suresh --

Thanks for writing! I did some testing of my own, and it looks like the options to filter on a Date/Time type field like Last Modified are limited to dates only -- there are no options to filter on the time part of the field. I've also brought this to the attention of the development team, so perhaps that won't always be the case.

I suspect you could get around this limitation by creating a formula field to extract the time portion of the Last Modified field, then filtering by that field.




Using Time of Day as Delivery

I have a task list with a target date to complete task. I have no problems setting up email subscriptions based on the target date to complete. But what I want to do is as follows: 1. It's 9:00AM on October 5, and I want to add a task due at 4:00PM that day (or for that matter, be reminded at 3:00PM in a couple of days). 2. I want to set up an email reminder, and a criteria is to email me at the time I have inputted in that field. Issue: Whether I am setting up an email reminder, report, subscription, etc., that field for time gives you a blank field to input criteria. I would think there would be a similar drop down as you get with dates (e.g., current date). What do I put in this blank field so that if I want an email reminder at 3:00PM (or anytime) that I get it at that time? Thanks, Scott

Using Time of Day as Delivery

Hi Scott, Sorry to report, but there is not currently a way to send a reminder email at a specific time of day. Reminder emails are sent during the hours of lowest activity in QuickBase, after 5pm Pacific time and before 7am Eastern time during the night. Sorry for this limitation of the current product! Thanks, Karis QuickBase Support

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