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Is there a way to remove choices from a multiple-choice text field? Is this still possible when you set the field to allow users to add choices?

1. Open the table containing the field, and click Settings.

2. Select Fields.

3. Click the name of the field that you want to modify.

4. In the Choices text box, highlight the choices that you no longer want included in the list, press the DELETE key, and then click Apply Changes.

This works whether or not users can create new choices.

If the choice is not used by any records, it is permanently removed. However, if it is used by a record, it will not appear as a choice in most cases, but will appear as a choice when you select the record that still uses it. If you select a different choice the next time you go to that record, it will not be in the list. But, if you save that record with the deleted choice still selected, it will add the deleted choice back into the list.

Tip: You might also want to use Search and Replace to clean up your data.


Drop Down Menu Lists

We have several drop down menus that include obsolete options (due to changes in the scope of what our organization does). How can we remove these options from the drop down menus, even though there are historical records that were created using these options? I appreciate any guidance you can provide!



Tonya Lewis

Hi Tonya, As mentioned above,

Hi Tonya,


As mentioned above, you can use that method for removing obselete options which are still in use on older records. Those options will just show up in red on the existing records to show that the option is no longer available for new records.




deleting a choice within a multiple choice dropdown box



I've been follwoing the directions in this article:

Everything goes well until I hit step #3.  There are no choices in which to delete and I know we are using this field and the choices provided. 

What can I be doing wrong?

re: deleting a choice within a multiple choice dropdown box

Hi Sandy,


My name is Brian from QuickBase Support. If you could visit support.quickabase.come to open a support case, I'll be happy to take a look at your multiple choice field. Creating a case for it will allow us to share information about the app privately.

If you could include in the case a request to forward the case to me, that would be great!




QuickBase Support

Converting from Text Field to Text - Multiple Choice

If I change a field from a Text field to a Text - Multiple Choice field, will any of the existing data be lost? Does it matter whether a particular piece of data appears in the new list of choices for that Multiple Choice field?

Converting from Text Field to Text - Multiple Choice

Hello, If you have a text field and convert it to a text multiple choice field, you will not lose the data already entered into that field. If the choices you set for the multiple choice field are not the same as the data already entered into the field, the data previously entered that doesn't match the new choices will show up as red. Thanks, Karis QuickBase Support

Change multiple choice text field list for Specific Role

Is there a way to remove choices from a multiple-choice text field for specific roles? I only want a certain role to be able to change a status to "closed" and the status is currently a multiple choice text field.

Change multiple choice text field list for Specific Role

Hi, While you can't limit a role to see only certain choices in a multiple choice field, if you create another table to hold a record for each status, you could limit a role's visibility to those status records. Does that information help? Thanks, Karis QuickBase Support

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