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Some of my applications don't appear on my Application List. Why?

Just because an application doesn't appear on the My Apps page's application list, doesn't necessarily mean that you can't access it. There are a couple of reasons an application won't appear on your list automatically. If this happens, you can still easily access the application.

Why an application may not appear:

If the application manager granted access to a group you're in (instead of to you as an individual), then QuickBase doesn't send an invitation. Nor does the program automatically display the application on the My Apps page until you've accessed the application.

Make sure you don't have more than one user account. The application manager may have shared the application with another user account you created (by registering with a different e-mail address or creating multiple screen names). To learn how to check for and manage multiple user accounts, please see this help topic. If you created a second user account by mistake and you don't want to maintain two, you can perform a quick cleanup. To learn how, please read the following KnowledgeBase article:

What to do:

If you're trying to share an application that's not appearing on an application list (and you're sure the user account is the same one the user is using to sign in), you can do one of the following:
1) Send an invitation to the user. (To learn how, please see our Share an Application with Other Users help topic.)
2) Send the user the URL for the application. To do so, open the application's Overview page and then within your browser's address bar, copy the Web address (URL) and paste this text string in an e-mail.
3) Instruct the user to search for the application. (To learn how, please see this help topic).


Applications not showing up in list

This article discusses some reasons why apps don't show up in your list, but not all of the reasons.  None of the reasons above apply to our account, yet many of our apps were not showing up in our My Quickbase list. 

It may have to do with Last Accessed Date.  I am not sure what the cutoff is, but if you go through "manage your billing accounts", and go into each DB there, it will then re-populate on your "My Quickbase" list, with a last-accessed date of "Today". (At least it did for us.)


Thank you!

Thank you! I was having the same issue,  I thought I had somehow accidentally deleted an important application. I used your suggestion to get it back!

that's odd

Hi D --

That's definitely odd. If it happens again, please contact QuickBase Customer Support (, and specifically say that you've tried the solutions presented in this article, but none of them work.

Thanks for writing!


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