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QuickBase Release Notes: September 13, 2015

This document describes our September 13, 2015 QuickBase release.

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What's New in QuickBase?

This section describes the changes that appear in QuickBase for the September release.  

Address Field & Map Report Enhancements

  • There is a new form element property for Address fields that hides the map normally displayed along with an Address field. This property defaults to unselected. (QBE009598)

  • The map report now contains an enhanced popup for addresses with more than one associated record. (QBE009905)

Charting Enhancements

  • Bar and pie charts may now be sorted by labels or by values.

  • There is a new Sorting section for charts in the Report Builder. This section takes the place of the individual Display from fields. This section will also show Series Direction if you choose a field for the chart series.

  • The chart legend has new default colors. These colors will appear on new reports. Existing reports will not be changed. The color chooser is now the same as the one used to choose branding colors for the app.

  • There are now 16 unique colors in a chart’s series. (QBE009775)

Report Builder Enhancements

  • Choosing Save > Save as now appends copy to the report name.

  • Report names are now checked for duplicates, and duplicate report names are not allowed.

  • There is now inline validation and error reporting for fields in the Report Builder.

Copy Form Rules 

You can now copy a form rule.

Changes to Add Record button behavior 

The mobile site now respects the button setting Return to this page when adding a new record from an app home page. In this case, it will redirect to the home page after saving the record, as the desktop site does. (QBE010153)

What’s Fixed in QuickBase?

We’re continuing to focus on quality and have fixed a number of bugs in this release. All QuickBase releases include bug fixes from previous releases.

Issue ID



Using a Date field as the series in a chart caused a “Too Many Legend Values” error message, and the field could not be grouped by anything other than Day, even if that grouping would reduce the number of legend values. This issue has been resolved.


Pie charts that used a calculated column as a filter did not display colors in the Legend area while customizing the report. This issue has been resolved.


When the account’s properties did not allow external email to be sent, and someone attempted to send email to a group, QuickBase displayed an error about emailing verified users only, even if all members of the group were verified users. This issue has been resolved.


An outdated message appeared when using the New table based on this column command to convert a field to a new table, if that field had been used in dynamic form rules. This issue has been resolved.


Category labels and Data values headings on horizontal and stacked horizontal bar charts referred to the wrong axes. This issue has been resolved.


Creating an app from scratch using the Spreadsheet method didn’t create a default home page for the new app. This issue has been resolved.


When choosing Custom columns for a timeline report, changes to the list of columns were not saved. This issue has been resolved.


When a dynamic form rule was used to display a message, and the field referenced in the rule was also referenced in a Formula field, the message displayed twice. This issue has been resolved.


Numeric - Percent fields did not display correctly on a gauge chart. This issue has been resolved.


For all chart types except the pie chart, the maximum number of legend values was not specified in the “Too Many Legend Values” error message. This issue has been resolved.


The sample response shown in the API_DoQuery documentation differed from the actual response value. This issue has been resolved.


A form on the mobile site became unresponsive due to a JavaScript error when a form rule set a read-only field to be required. This issue has been resolved.


Form rules did not work on the mobile site when the user’s role had Custom Rule set for modify record permissions. This issue has been resolved.


The ampersand (&) character appeared as & in form rules. This issue has been resolved.


File Attachments compared to a blank value using a dynamic form rule produced inconsistent behavior; the rule was applied when the record was viewed but not when it was edited. This issue has been resolved.


The cursor did not automatically appear in the data entry field when a report configured to <ask the user> displayed. This issue has been resolved.


Charts did not display the last zero for Numeric fields with decimal places. This issue has been resolved.


If the number format for an app was set to “12.345.678,00” or “,00”, chart reports did not show any values on the Y axis. This issue has been resolved.


If the number format for an app used a period as the thousands separator, scatter, line/bar, and bubble charts would truncate the charted values just before the second period in the number. This issue has been resolved.


September Updates

Really like the ability to hide the map.  Want the address feature for some instances so it is simpler to be able to hide the map as opposed to using individual fields to record address information,.

Sorting on Summary Reports

Hopefully Quickbase will have sorting option for summary reports as well. Excited to see the options for charts but long way to go till this goes in for summary report. Expecting soon.

QBE010153 - Add Record on Mobile

Does the fix of this issue also resolve the issue of adding Child records through the mobile app?


Hi Blake --

QBE0010153 addresses the behavior of QuickBase when adding a new record from an app home page, not adding a child record from a master record. On the mobile site, you still need to save a new master record before adding a child record.



[Add New Value]

Does this fix also resolved adding new value from dropdown if not in the list by pop of new window (using linked field from another table) when used via mobile app.(my Support Case#481553).




Hi Babi, No, QBE0010153

Hi Babi,


No, QBE0010153 addresses a redirect issue on our mobile site, but it is not related to supporting a pop-up window to allow creating a new record via a cross-app relationship on the mobile site. I'm sorry for the confusion.





I'm excited to see Paretos in Quickbase.  If I understand Bar Chart sorting correctly, this will be huge!

Major and Much Needed Improvements

Am very excited to be able to disable the Map on the Address field in a Form; and be able to COPY a Form Rule.  Happy to see so many bugs being fixed.

The sorting option on charts

The sorting option on charts have taken off most of my pain where my business users complain about the ugly charts of quickbase.  In-addition the Copy form rules is an advantage. 

Just repplied the sorting on bar charts in existing apps and excited to let users know about this. Late but not too late.


Hi Laura --

Thank you for the kind words! I've passed them along to the engineering team.



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