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QuickBase Release Notes: June 15, 2014

This article describes our June 15, 2014 QuickBase release.

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What's New in QuickBase?

This section describes the changes that appear in QuickBase for the June release. See What’s Fixed in QuickBase? for a list of issues fixed in this release.

New QuickBase APIs

The online QuickBase HTTP API Guide now includes several new APIs for QuickBase customers who would like to perform operations on groups of users:

  • API_AddGroupToRole

  • API_AddSubGroup

  • API_AddUserToGroup

  • API_ChangeGroupInfo

  • API_CopyGroup

  • API_CreateGroup

  • API_DeleteGroup

  • API_GetGroupRole

  • API_GetUsersInGroup

  • API_GrantedDBsForGroup

  • API_GrantedGroups

  • API_RemoveGroupFromRole

  • API_RemoveSubgroup

  • API_RemoveUserFromGroup

Account Admins Can Manage All Groups

Previously, account admins could not manage groups unless the group owner explicitly allowed access using the Allow account managers to manage this group option. This option has been removed and users can no longer set it using the Edit Group Properties dialog. Account admins can now manage all groups in their accounts.


What’s Fixed in QuickBase?

We’re continuing to focus on quality and have fixed a number of bugs in this release. All QuickBase releases include bug fixes from previous releases.

Issue ID 



When a user edited records with a Text – Multiple-choice field value containing spaces at the end of the value using Grid Edit, QuickBase displayed a false conflict resolution message and caused the browser to become unresponsive. This issue has been resolved.


(Gmail only) When email notifications in HTML format were set up to include a copy of the record, QuickBase included extra text after the record. This issue has been resolved.


On calendar reports set to display weekends, records for the last Saturday shown on the report were not listed. This issue has been resolved.


If a user is in a role that restricts which records they can view, Edit and View links did not appear on the hover display for a map report pin. This issue has been resolved.


In some cases, custom rules for viewing records still affected users in multiple roles, even when one of those roles could not view records in the table. This issue has been resolved.


QuickBase displayed URL fields as text instead of a clickable link on the hover display for a map report pin. This issue has been resolved.


When creating a notification with a custom message, users with no access to certain fields could still see those field names in the Fields & Markers list. This issue has been resolved.


A user in a role which could not save Common reports could change the sorting or grouping in a report using dynamic filters. Those changes overwrote the initial filters and were presented to admin users as changes to the report. This issue has been resolved.


Changes to Text fields that only affected the case of the text were not saved properly. This issue has been resolved.


API_UserRoles did not return the correct information for groups with access to an app. This issue has been resolved.


After adding a child record to a record returned by the Search widget in an app home page, the user was returned to a page with no navigation elements. This issue has been resolved.


(Internet Explorer 8) Billing account admins were unable to view and download receipts. This issue has been resolved.


While creating a relationship, the table name and record noun were not displayed with the correct capitalization in several locations. This issue has been resolved.

Note: If table names or record nouns still do not display the desired capitalization, make changes to them on the Advanced Settings page of the table settings.


When users in an expired trial account or suspended account attempted to access an app or a record, the error message contained a link that allowed them to subscribe to an invalid plan. This issue has been resolved.


Nice to see new APIs being added.

I think it is nice to see the new APIs being added related to users, groups and roles. I guess that can be used in situations where you want to temporarily give access to someone to add/edit data programmatically and then take it away, thus avoiding giving them permanent access that is otherwise not necessary.

Can it be extended to other areas such as temporarily giving access to Everyone on the Internet, programmatically just to do something necessary and then taking it away at the end of the operation?

re: APIs

Hi Surya --

Thanks for the thanks! :) 

Since "Everyone on the Internet" is just a group that allows anonymous access, I think you can use the group APIs to add and remove that group from a role in your app. 

Hope this helps,


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