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QuickBase Release Notes: December 13, 2015

This article describes our December 13, 2015 QuickBase release.

Do you have an idea for improving QuickBase?  You can share your suggestions by either clicking the orange feedback tab on the My Apps page, or visiting the Customer Feedback for Intuit QuickBase forum ( 

What's New in QuickBase?

This section describes the changes that appear in QuickBase for the December release.

Multi-select Text field type

You asked – we responded! QuickBase now has a new field type called Multi-select Text, which allows app users to choose up to 20 text values from the field. 

If you've been using multiple checkboxes or other fields to record values that should really appear in one field, you can now use Multi-select Text fields to simplify your app. 

Multi-select Text field when editing a record

Multi-select Text field when viewing a record

In the Multi-select Text field properties, you can define up to 50 items to choose from. Items are limited to 40 characters each.

Multi-select Text fields can't be set up to use values from another table, or used as conditional dropdowns, summary fields, or key fields.

List – User field enhancements

List – User dropdowns appearing in filters, form rules, and Grid Edit mode have been updated visually, and now resemble the Multi-select Text dropdown.

App users can now choose up to 20 people from these fields.

Export All Users enhancements

When you Export All Users, the .CSV export file now includes group members as well as group names. Note that email domain groups, like, are not expanded in this way. (QBE10297) 

Account and app admins can see user names and email addresses for all the users who have access to their apps by exporting all users. Email addresses for all exported users are included in the .CSV file, even if they display as Private on the Manage Users page. (QBE10329)

Print real-time changes to reports

When you add or remove a column from a report, you can now print the modified report before saving it. (QBE10267) 

Support for Internet Explorer 8 to end in January 

QuickBase is ending support for Internet Explorer 8 as of January 12, 2016, the same day that Microsoft is ending support for this browser version. 

  • What does this mean for me?  QuickBase features that work today won’t just stop working on January 12, but the lack of support means that some current QuickBase features and any new features we release may not work properly in Internet Explorer 8.

  • Can I keep using Internet Explorer 8? We don’t recommend keeping Internet Explorer 8 as a long-term solution. When we end support for a browser version, it means that issues related to that version won’t be escalated to development or handled by our support team.

What’s Fixed in QuickBase?

We’re continuing to focus on quality and have fixed a number of bugs in this release. All QuickBase releases include bug fixes from previous releases.

Issue ID



Form rules that compared Date/Time fields against a value + x days were not triggered as expected. This issue has been resolved.


When performing an import of child records using the Import button created via the CopyMasterDetail wizard, if a role didn’t have add rights to the parent table, an error occurred. This issue has been resolved. 

Note: Copy buttons that copy both the parent and children still require add rights for the parent table.


When the Users with Access list was exported, it included a date format that Excel did not recognize. This issue has been resolved.


If a user profile included a comma in the user name, the user was assigned to an undefined role when added to an application. This issue has been resolved.


When editing a record in which two fields associated with a conditional drop-down were blank, users could leave the primary dropdown blank and select an option from the dependent dropdown. This issue has been resolved.


If a Label or the chart Name contained an ampersand (&), the ampersand displayed as & when the chart was saved in JPG, PNG, or SVG format. This issue has been resolved.


When editing a record, form rules that changed a Date, Date/Time, or Time of Day field to blank displayed the value undefined, rather than blank. This issue has been resolved.


When a value of P.M. or p.m. was entered into a Time of Day field, it was converted to AM. This issue has been resolved.


When creating a calendar report, if A specific month was selected in Initial month to display field, the user could not choose a year beyond 2015. This issue has been resolved.


Multiple Choices field type

This new field type is good, but it would be even better if once the multiple items were selected you could do more with the data.

Multi-select field

Multi-select is a good enhancement.  Would be great if it could be displayed verbatim in other tables when looked up.

Much expected enhancement

It's good to see that the multiple-select checkboxes is added in this release. Can't wait more to explore it.

Time of Day field showing undefined

This fix appears to have broken the TimeOfDay field when a form rule changes the TimeOfDay field from blank to a value, based on a selection in another field.


When editing a record, form rules that changed a Date, Date/Time, or Time of Day field to blank displayed the value undefined, rather than blank. This issue has been resolved.


Please contact support...

Hi Ben --

If you're encountering issues related to this release, please create a case so our Customer Care folks can prioritize and if necessary escalate the issue.




This was a great enhancement: the multi-select text field type. 

the multi-select text field type undoing doesn't work


I change a type of a field to the multi-select text. When I desided to change a type of the same field, I couldn't do it. A button "Change a type" does not exist for the multi-select text.


Thank you,



Hi Nadia, If you edit the

Hi Nadia,


If you edit the properties of an existing Text field, you can click Change Type and change the field type to Multi-select Text. If it is not working for you, please open a support case by going to Help > Manage Support Cases > + New Support Case. That way one of our customer care specialists can take a look at your field with you.




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