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Is QuickBase available on the iPhone for end users?

Yes, you can now use QuickBase on your iPhone. While you can access pretty much any QuickBase feature from your phone, Intuit recommends that you limit your activities to using applications only. Find, view and update information in an application, but do not attempt to change the structure of the application via iPhone. Do advanced customizations on a full computer only. Also, please be aware of the following limitations:

You cannot manage Application Tokens. If your app already has an App Token, however, you can write API calls.

The Reports tab on the My QuickBase page is not available as it is not supported on the Safari browser.

You cannot upload file attachments. You can download file attachments, but those files you can download are limited to the file types Apple supports, such as Word docs, PDF's, and Excel files.

Drag and drop is not available. You cannot move columns in the user interface, only through the report builder screen. You can also not move reports on your dashboard using the dashboard editor.

Rich text sections on the dashboard will crash Safari when you enter the dashboard editor.

When emailing a report or record, if you use the user picker to choose the recipients, Safari may refresh if the user picker is open for too long and wipe out the recipients you chose.

In product help is controlled by pop up settings. If the pop up blocker on Safari is turned on, in product help pop ups won't display.


offline forms

Is there a way to complete forms offline and when you are back online the form information will save?  We use this in a hospital setting and many areas have no connectivity due to radiology or just general locations like the basement.  This would be a great functionality for us so that connectivity doesn't get in the way of our productivity.

Hi Dana,No, at this time

Hi Dana,

No, at this time QuickBase doesn't support offline forms. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. 

This would be considered an enhancement request. We appreciate and value all customer input, and in order to make sure your request is heard, we'd like you to submit it through the best channel.  At this time, all enhancement requests go through User Voice.  User Voice allows users to submit their QuickBase new feature requests, as well as vote on previously submitted ideas by other users. You can access User Voice from your 'My Apps' page, and then clicking the orange feedback button from the left hand side of the screen.  



Is it available on app Store.

Is QuickBase a app or just use it by browser?

I'm using iPhone now so if it is available with app, that's awsome.

Hi John, QuickBase is used on

Hi John,


QuickBase is used on our mobile-optimized through the web browser, rather than through a standalone app. 





Iphone & iPad app would really allow this to move... 


Can you call from the app on iphone, or sync with contacts/calender apple apps?

Hi Descargar,We do actually

Hi Descargar,

We do actually have many customers who use QuickBase on-the-go using their mobilr phone or tablet. While we don't currently have a native iPhone or Android app, you can access your apps easily on the web using our mobile-optimized site. This is often easier to set up as there is nothing to download. As for the iPad and other tablets, many use our full site there.

If you're using the mobile site, you can touch a phone number field to dial it. QuickBase does not come out-of-the-box with integrations with other systems, but we have many great third-party partners available for hire who do great work in that area:




Intuit QuickBase

iphone app

Iphone & iPad app would really allow this to move... 


Can you call from the app on iphone, or sync with contacts/calender apple apps? 


Respectfully  Bill

RE: 'iphone app'

Hi Bill,


Rather than using a standalone app, you can use your web browser to get to your QuickBase. We have a mobile version of the site optimized for smartphones.

While Intuit itself isn't involved in integrating with other software such as the iPhone's Contacts and Calendar apps, we have some great third-party developers available for hire who build a lot of those kinds of solutions. You can find out more and reach out to them here:




Intuit QuickBase

BlackBerry Browser?

What BlackBerry Browsers (if any) are supported by Intuit?  Thanks!

Quickbase works on Droid but will not open documents

My quickbase applications work on my Motorola Droid from Verizon but the documents will not launch and I get a locked symbol. The documents work on iphones. Any suggestions or Quickbase Droid updates coming soon?

iphone app - where?

Is this update that I can access the database via the browser on my iphone only for the browser? There is no app?

iphone app - where?

Hi Robb, There is not an iPhone application you need to download. You can now access QuickBase using the Safari browser on your iPhone. Thanks, Karis QuickBase Support

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